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Newsletter August 2018

Welcome to the August 2018 newsletter from Psychology Tools. This month’s edition details the addition of more tools to the site, a selection of excellent CBT video presentations, and research summaries focusing on command hallucinations and the psychology of bullshit sensitivity (yes, seriously!) New On Psychology Tools EMOTIONS WORKSHEET Many clients present with impoverished vocabulary … Continued

Newsletter July 2018

Welcome to the July 2018 newsletter from Psychology Tools. This month’s edition contains news about the recent updates to the website as well as research summaries focusing on mindfulness, imagery rescripting, and the cognitive science of depression. New On Psychology Tools WELCOME TO THE NEW WEBSITE In June we launched our biggest ever update to … Continued

Newsletter March 2018

Welcome to the March 2018 newsletter from Psychology Tools. New resources added this month include worksheets on imagery rescripting and sleep restriction. Also included are links to videos featuring Steven Hayes, Stefan Hoffman, David Gillanders & James Coyne. New On Psychology Tools Sleep Restriction This new worksheet contains simple & condensed instructions for treating insomnia … Continued

Newsletter January 2018

Welcome to the January 2018 newsletter from Psychology Tools. Features this month include the announcement of the long-awaited Power Threat Meaning Framework, a report of an apparently effortless form of emotional regulation, and a new cognitive-behavioral treatment package for anhedonia. New On Psychology Tools Psychology Tools Resources in Arabic Thanks to the generous work of … Continued

Newsletter December 2017

A bumper newsletter this month containing new Psychology Tools resources, a great selection of articles. A radio program with the brilliant Andy Zaltzman living as a stoic, and some of this month’s best psychology research. New on Psychology Tools A selection of new worksheets this month. One free, and one for members of Psychology Tools … Continued

Newsletter November 2017

This month’s newsletter has a particular focus on innovative uses of EMDR. My take: if you’re a therapist who works with trauma you should have trained already, and if you work with other anxiety conditions you should seriously consider it!   EMDR Special I recently attended some excellent training from Professor Ad de Jongh on … Continued

Newsletter October 2017

Welcome to the October 2017 newsletter from Psychology Tools. It contains a collection of the best psychology resources, news and links from around the web. Some highlights this month include a long-planned Psychology Tools information sheet about Common Reactions To Trauma, and a link to a great presentation about critiquing psychiatric diagnosis. New On Psychology Tools … Continued

Newsletter September 2017

It’s a few days early, but welcome to the September 2017 newsletter from Psychology Tools. It contains a collection of the best psychology resources, news and links from around the web. Some highlights this month include a fantastic BBC radio documentary about anorexia, and a great collection of resources for understanding and working with relationship … Continued

Newsletter July 2017

Welcome to the July 2017 newsletter from Psychology Tools. There’s a focus on research this month with some fascinating data concerning imagery rescripting, the treatment of low self-esteem using COMET, psychological approaches to the treatment of gambling, and a paper considering motivational interviewing in a new light. New On Psychology Tools PSYCHOLOGY TOOLS PRO There has been an amazing response … Continued

Newsletter June 2017

Welcome to the June 2017 newsletter from Psychology Tools. It contains details of the big changes made to the site in the last couple of weeks and, as ever, a collection of the best psychology resources, news and links from around the web.   Announcing Psychology Tools Pro This week has seen the launch of Psychology … Continued

Announcing Psychology Tools Pro

Professionals need the right tools, and therapists are no exception. That’s why Psychology Tools is going Pro. Psychology Tools Pro offers you unlimited access to a library of worksheets, workbooks, and therapy audio – allowing you to put your clients first. Benefits Of Pro Membership Include: Pro worksheets with case examples and annotated guides to help you … Continued

Newsletter January 2017

Welcome to the January 2017 Psychology Tools newsletter! We have made *lots* of updates to the site over the past few months which I hope you will find useful.   New Address As of 1st January 2017 the address for Psychology Tools has officially changed to I would be very grateful if you could update … Continued

Newsletter September 2016

Sorry there’s been a bit of delay since the last newsletter but this one’s a doozy – I’ve been saving some great psychology resources for you. Remember, if you no longer want to receive these newsletters it’s easy to unsubscribe, but maybe stick around for the links and materials below first…   Dizziness Special My … Continued

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