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How do I cancel my Psychology Tools subscription?

To cancel your subscription you will need to log in to your Psychology Tools account.

  1. Log in to your Psychology Tools account
  2. Click on the Membership tab
  3. Set Auto renew to the Off position

With Auto renew set to Off your subscription will expire at the end of your membership period.

What happens when I cancel my Psychology Tools subscription?

By default subscriptions to Psychology Tools last for one year. If you cancel your subscription part-way through a year then you will retain access to your account for the remainder of the year and will continue to be licensed to use Psychology Tools resources in you clinical work until your subscription period ends. Once your subscription period has ended you will no longer be able to download Psychology Tools resources, and will no longer be licensed to use or share resources that you may already have downloaded.

How do I know my cancellation went through?

Log in and go to the Membership tab. If Auto renew is set to Off then your subscription will not renew and no further charges will be applied to your account.

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