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You rock! I just had to send a message saying how appreciative I am as a psychotherapist to have such a wealth of resources to direct many of my clients (and friends) to. PsychologyTools is so helpful. Thank you.

I have used your site again today (I use it a lot!) and wanted to let you know that I find it really helpful …There are so many useful resources on there, the handouts and the links to further information about each topic and it’s great to have them all easily accessible in one place. Thank-you so much for your time in putting the site together, it is appreciated.

Fantastic resources!!! Accidently found your site. So grateful.

Just wanted to thank you for a great resource. Fantastic!

I just wanted to say a giant ‘THANK YOU’. Throughout my time on clinical training and in my subsequent career in the Irish health service, your website has been of major benefit. The ease of access, the simplicity of resources and the way in which the site is developed is very useful (an understatement). So thank you for your time and your hard work, I’m grateful of it!

Thank you Dr. Matthew Whalley for offering this toolkit to colleagues and the public around the world. The resources are helpful and appreciated. I facilitate mental health groups for both in-patient and community clients in Canada. Your material is excellent for my clients. Thank you again for allowing the use of this site and resources in order to help improve the lives of others.

Thanks for offering your toolkit to fellow professionals and the general public. This generosity of spirit and commitment to building the commons is too often lacking in an environment comprising competing business units – which tends to be an obsession here in New Zealand.

Hallo Sweden calling, thank you for this bank of knowledge and generosity!

THIS SITE IS ABSOLUTELY MOST DEFINITELY A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!! thank you very much. for those of us who cant afford therapists, this can help – even if just a bit. thank you very much for thinking of us.

We are a group of psychiatry residents from Wisconsin USA and we apply appreciate all these precious resources that you made available for the community at large. We are glad to find a free and educational website.

First – 10K thanks for creating and maintaining this site. As a practicing and supervising psychologist on the other side of the planet (Southern California), I use regularly use materials from Psychology Tools with my patients and postdocs.

I love your worksheets, the way you manage to encapsulate the essence of the message in minimal bites. Thanks fella, your a genius and I can’t rate you highly enough.

I’d like to say thank you for offering all your fantastic resources online. I started using your website last year while I was interning as a student therapist and now I am a full time therapist! I’ve suggested your site to many co workers and they love it as well. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for your great resources!

I just wanted to say a big “thank you” for your excellent website and wonderful resources. I am a trainee clin psych and yours is the first website I put into my favorites when i move to a new placement. The resources are first-rate and always on-hand should I need them. Thank you for your very generous efforts. is an astonishing resource! It has become my “go-to” site for CBT and other resources. The more I look, the more I find invaluable tools to help my patients.

Many, many thanks!

As a graduate student studying clinical psychology, I could not be more indebted to your website. When you’re learning about so many different approaches, theoretical orientations, interventions, and diagnoses in class, it is so helpful to know that I have your site to either fall back on when I am just plain overwhelmed, or need a place to go in order to get started researching what to do with a patient. Again, a big huge thanks!

This is an amazing resource you have put together. All the worksheets and fact sheets of various models are very useful. Thank you for your work and making this available for all to use.

Thank you! This is wonderful!

Hi, I have just come across this site – I am a fairly newly qualified CBT counsellor. These tools are amazing. They are wonderfully laid out, and have helped me enormously in session planning. Thank you so much. This is an incredibly thoughtful and useful site. As a start-up counsellor, I invest far more in my clients than I get in financial returns, so the added fact that these resources are free is a big help. THANK YOU

I just want to express my gratitude for this website! Being a child psychologist from the Netherlands, working abroad in developing countries, this website has been an absolute gift. It is great to have some practical tools instead of just theoretical information, also great to use for trainings! So Thanks!

THANK YOU!! You people are awesome! I am so very grateful and want to know where to donate…

I love your site. It has the best, most user friendly handouts I have seen yet. Thank you so much for making these available.

Thanks so much for sharing this amazing worksheets. None of the Handbooks I know include such a huge amount of resources. Thanks again.

Thank you, for such a wonderful resource. This site is bookmarked on my favorites list! I am grateful to have a place to go for tools and worksheets from various schools and orientations. It is a site I trust, I know I can always find something helpful, and useful, and I can always be confident that it is free and okay to share. Thanks to the creators, and all those who maintain and update the site! What a great service you provide!

Thank you so much for this website. I am so grateful to those who have created the site, as well as those who have contributed. I have been searching for something like this for a few years!

I work with women offenders and these are great tools to utilise in one-to-one work and group work.

WOW!! What a fantastic site! Thank you so much for providing clinicians with such an amazing resource!

A fantastic resource center!

Thank you doesn’t seem like enough! This is possibly the most helpful tool I have ever come across in my twenty years of teaching psychology. Absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you so much.

Hi, I’m a psych working in private practice and I just wanted to say how incredibly helpful this site is for me in my daily practice. Barely a week goes by without me using handouts for clients or using the materials to help me devise a new formulation. It is a fantastic, generous resource. Thank You

This is a great site. I am a newly hatched psychologist and it is wonderful to have such a good resource available. I will certainly pass on any good materials I find. Thanks

It is more than just simply an amazing experience to be a visitor on this website. I have found some very useful tools and literature which has provided a mutual benefit working with my clients. Thanks to the team for maintaining this site!

Thank you!

What a wonderful wealth of information. How generous of you to share your research for us to share. Thank you so much

I teach in a counseling program, and suggest this site and a couple of others to my students when they are looking for treatment tools. I happened upon your site recently and was quite impressed. I particularly appreciate the organization of this site by theoretical orientation, which is particularly helpful in the theories class as well. It’s very helpful in explanation of the interaction between theoretical orientation of case conceptualization and theoretical orientation of treatment techniques. Much appreciated!

Thank you very much

I’ve recently discovered this site and love it! Finding the free worksheets really useful and simple to use. The site is easy to navigate and I like that you link in to other sites (e.g. CCI). It would be great if you can add to the free worksheets for the other orientations – CBT is extensive but would like to use you as a one stop shop for resources.

Excellent collection of resources! Any chance there will be resource for case formulations and report writing to be included? It will be great if different styles from different orientation/schools are included too. 🙂 Many thanks for putting all of this in one place!

Thank you!!

Thanks for creating such a helpful resource!