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Psychology Tools For Relaxation Audio Collection

Stress and physiological arousal are maintaining components of many psychological conditions. Relaxation exercises can form an important part of treatment interventions.

Psychology Tools For Relaxation Audio Collection

The Psychology Tools For Relaxation audio collection is designed to help your clients to manage their physiological arousal. The audio collection contains 50 minutes of practical relaxation exercises and can be used in session, or to complement work done in clinical session.

The audio collection contains 4 essential exercises:

  • Relaxed breathing: a diaphragmatic breathing exercise designed to promote physical relaxation and a feeling of safety
  • Progressive muscle relaxation: an exercise in which the client is instructed to focus on different muscle groups in turn, practising tensing and relaxing
  • Peaceful place: a guided imagery exercise using client-generated imagery (sometimes referred to as a safe place exercise)
  • Combined relaxation exercise: a combined exercise which guides clients through all of the exercises in sequence

This audio collection will be useful for anyone working with clients who experience heightened physiological arousal or stress.

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