We’re always busy trying to make clinician’s lives easier. The last few months have been spent preparing the groundwork for some exciting redevelopment. We’ll keep you updated, but expect to see technical improvements and new features rolled out within the next few months.

In the meantime do take a look at some of our new publications. If you have a spare 20 minutes we recommend making yourself a coffee and taking time to read this article.

Psychology Tools articles

Our long-form articles are a place where we explore clinical ideas in detail. A new section of the website is coming but you can get a sneak preview here.

  • In Unhelpful thinking styles: cognitive distortions in CBT we explore the assumptions underpinning particular biases. Working at this level, instead of working with content, allows therapists to reduce their client’s vulnerability to particular thinking errors.
  • In Harry Potter and the therapy tools we review some creative ways that clinicians working with children and adults have integrated concepts from the wizarding world into therapy.

Recognizing … Series

Our Recognizing … series saw a significant update in March. This is a range of quick reference guides to help professionals familiarize themselves with essential diagnostic criteria. You need to be logged in to view these resources which now encompass:

Guides for recognising ADHD, anorexia, and bulimia will be published shortly.