November sees the launch of essential new CBT resources for Psychology Tools members.

Psychology Tools For Living Well

For many worksheets our goal is to distill the essentials of a topic or task into a single page. Psychology Tools for Living Well is different. We wanted to make a beautiful self-help resource for your clients that gives them everything they need to develop their understanding of CBT. We’re really pleased with the result.

As a member you have exclusive access to the eBook. Log in and download it here. And don’t forget to let us know what you (and you clients) think!

Cognitive Behavioral Model Of Relapse

Marlatt’s model is the essential conceptualization of relapse. Originally designed for working with clients struggling with alcohol problems it has been applied to addictive and impulsive behaviors more broadly, and can be a helpful way of understanding why some clients don’t maintain other treatment gains. The Cognitive behavioral model of the relapse process is the latest addition to our collection of models.


We’re currently preparing for another exciting round of development. Please get in touch if you have suggestions for the development of:

  • The Psychology Tools website: are there features that you would make your professional life easier?
  • Clinical resources: are there resources or populations that you would like to see us focus on?