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About Psychology Tools

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    Mission & History

    Psychology Tools’ mission is twofold: to ensure that therapists worldwide have access to the high-quality evidence-based tools they need to conduct effective therapy, and to be a reliable source of psychological self-help for the public.

    Psychology Tools was founded in 2008 and since that time has grown to be trusted by tens of thousands of psychologists, counsellors, therapists, social workers and clinicians around the world. Developed by highly qualified psychologists our library of resources is designed to give you everything you need to deliver great therapy. We pay particular attention to the theory underpinning the resources we create in order to assist clinicians in creating strong theory-practice links. Our resources are organized intuitively, and are available in a variety of formats because we know that you and your clients learn and work in different ways.

    Dr Matthew Whalley | Director

    Dr Matthew Whalley is a clinical psychologist and director of Psychology Tools. His main clinical interests are working with survivors of trauma, and the development of psychological resources to help clinicians to deliver effective therapy. He has held clinical posts in primary, community, and tertiary settings within the National Health Service, including a position in a leading specialist trauma service. He maintains a small private practice.

    Prior to clinical training Dr Whalley completed a PhD and postdoctoral work at University College London, conducting neuroimaging research at the FIL in Queens Square, as well as the University of Pittsburgh MR Research Center. His research includes exploration of psychological approaches to pain management, autobiographical memory in survivors of trauma, and cognitive behavioral approaches to dizziness. His current focus is the development of resources to assist clinicians to deliver high-quality evidence-based therapy.

    Dr Hardeep Kaur | Clinical Consultant

    Dr Hardeep Kaur is a clinical psychologist and clinical consultant to Psychology Tools. She is a specialist in addictions and trauma, a qualified mindfulness teacher, and a clinical supervisor. Dr Kaur’s current clinical roles are in an NHS addictions service and a third sector homelessness charity. She has led psychology teams in an IAPT service and at Combat Stress, and has worked in an NHS tertiary trauma service. Dr Kaur is a BABCP accredited CBT therapist and has expertise in ACT, CFT, and EMDR.

    Mark Jeavons | Operations Manager

    Mark Jeavons is responsible for daily operations at Psychology Tools. He is an economics graduate from the University of Southampton and is currently studying for a masters in psychology at the University of Reading. His main interest is in the integration of exercise as a transdiagnostic approach for managing mental health conditions and is a level 4 qualified personal trainer who works with clients suffering with poor mental health.