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Basic resources

Information handouts, exercises & worksheets
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Advanced resources

Audio therapy resources

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Treatments That Work® therapist guides and workbooks

Multi-lingual resources

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Trusted by thousands of mental health professionals worldwide

"I've found Psychology Tools an invaluable resource in my clinical practice. Given all clinicians are pressed for time, having access to the extensive database that Psychology Tools offers has been a game changer.

Instead of spending my time outside of consultations creating worksheets, handouts, and audio recordings, I now have a resource I can rely on. This frees up my time to dedicate to other things and allows me to focus on continuing to refine my clinical skills."
Picture of Dr Nathan Lay
Dr Nathan Lay
General Practitioner
"Psychology Tools is becoming an increasingly valuable resource for me. The search filters and categories are user friendly and enable me to pinpoint what I need quickly and easily.

Clients report finding both the worksheets and the psychoeducation materials engaging, clear, and beneficial. The materials serve as a focal point during sessions that generates rich therapeutic discussion. Having used the materials for around 6 months, I wonder how I ever worked without them!"
Picture of Lisa Smith, Counselor
Lisa Smith
"My team have been using Psychology Tools for a year and the feedback has been really positive. The team value having access to an excellent range of evidence-based resources to support their work with clients, and being able to send resources directly to clients by email is excellent. The staff at Psychology Tools are also really responsive when I raise queries."
Picture of Dr Imogen Reid
Dr Imogen Reid
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Team Customer
"Psychology Tools has a wide variety of materials and resources which help my development as a masters student. The regular release of different series are extremely helpful in gaining a beginner to intermediate understanding of various conditions and therapies. I couldn't recommend Psychology Tools highly enough to students and early-career psychologists."
Picture of Ash Hendry, provisional psychologist
Ash Hendry
Provisional Psychologist

Membership features to help you deliver great therapy

350+ Professional Resources Compilation

450+ professional resources

Evidence-based worksheets, handouts, and exercises, including case examples and guidance on how to use each tool to achieve the best results for your clients. Easy to search, find what you need, or explore. Learn more >

Email-a-client feature highlight

Email a client

Save time by emailing resources (including large audio files) straight to your clients from the website. Our emails are secure and encrypted. A quick and easy way to facilitate self-practice.

Electronically fillable PDFs

Electronically fillable PDFs

Enable your clients to work in the way that suits them best. Worksheets are available in fillable PDF format to complete digitally, and as blank versions to print and write on. Learn more >

Editable Worksheets

Editable worksheets

Our worksheets can be adapted to suit your own clinical style or to personalize. They are available in Microsoft PowerPoint® (pptx) and Microsoft Word® (doc) formats. With different options to choose from, our materials are as flexible as your practice. Learn more >

Therapy audio resources

Therapy audio

Our professionally recorded library of therapy audio can be used in session, self-practice, or on the go: however best suits your clients. The library covers a range of exercises, topics, and techniques. Learn more >

CBT guides and workbooks

Guides and workbooks

For more complex topics, and new skills development, we have a range of guides and workbooks. These typically involve elements of psychoeducation as well as exercises to practice. Integrate them into your in-session work, or use for self-practice. Learn more >

Translated resources

Translated resources

Give clients materials in their own language with our library of 3500+ multi-lingual therapy resources in 70+ languages. All page designs are the same as the English versions so you can find your way around even if you don’t know the language. Learn more >

Good design is thorough to the last detail.

Comprehensive and considered design

Our ‘one concept per page’ design philosophy for primary resources means that they effectively demonstrate concepts in an easily digestible way. Each tool is backed up with instructions, full references, as well as being available in multiple formats, so you have everything you need. Learn more >

'New' tag

New resources

Our online library is always growing! We are constantly working on new resources, and we let our members know as soon as anything new is released.

Licensed to share resources with your clients

Licensed to share

With our paid membership plans, therapists are licensed to share all of our resources with their clients.