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Acute & Chronic Pain Worksheets

  • Pain Catastrophizing Scale (Sullivan, Bishop, Pivik, 1995)  Download PCS from Dr Sullivan’s site
  • Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire (McCracken, Vowles, Eccleston, 2004)  Download CPAQ (0.1MB)
  • The Illness Perceptions Questionnaire (IPQ: Weinman et al, 1996) is a useful measure of how patients think about their illness  Download in EnglishVisit the IPQ website
  • Phoda-SEV (Photograph Series of Daily Activities) is a tool to help patients determine a hierarchy for the threat value (i.e. fearfulness) of certain activities. It is useful in treating pain patients where there is a strong fear-of-movement component

Treatment guides

Information handouts

Exercises, Worksheets & Workbooks

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)

  • Life with chronic pain – an acceptance based approach – therapist guide and patient workbook
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy in the treatment of chronic pain – Dahl & Lundgren
  • McCracken, L. M., & Vowles, K. E. (2014). Acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness for chronic pain: model, process, and progress. American Psychologist, 69(2), 178
  • ACT for chronic pain – Lance McCracken


Pacing is about finding the right balance between spending enough time on an activity so that you can gain enjoyment form it, without pushing yourself so hard that it significantly worsens your pain.

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