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Acute & Chronic Pain Worksheets

  • Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire – Revised (CPAQ-R) | McCracken, Vowles, Eccleston | 2004
    • Scale download archived copy
    • McCraken, L. M., Vowles, K. E. & Eccleston, C. (2004). Acceptance of chronic pain: component analysis and a revised assessment method. Pain, 107, 159-166.
  • Illness Perception Questionnaire – Revised (IPQ-R) | Weinman, Petrie, Moss-Morris, Horne | 2002
    • Scale download archived copy
    • Moss-Morris, R., Weinman, J., Petrie, K., Horne, R., Cameron, L., & Buick, D. (2002). The revised illness perception questionnaire (IPQ-R). Psychology and health17(1), 1-16.
  • Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS) | Sullivan | 1995
    • Manual + scale download archived copy
    • Sullivan, M. J., Bishop, S. R., & Pivik, J. (1995). The pain catastrophizing scale: development and validation. Psychological Assessment7(4), 524.

Treatment guidelines

  • Guidelines for pain management programmes for adults | British Pain Society | 2013 download archived copy

Treatment manuals

  • The Pain Toolkit – a helpful toolkit for people who live with persistent pain archived copy
  • Pacing instructions with worked examples archived copy
  • Pacing instructions archived copy
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy in the treatment of chronic pain – Dahl & Lundgren download archived copy
  • McCracken, L. M., & Vowles, K. E. (2014). Acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness for chronic pain: model, process, and progress. American Psychologist, 69(2), 178 download

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