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Do You Have Enough Time To Do Everything As Well As You’d Like?

Psychology Tools
1 July 2020

We didn’t think so.

As a mental health professional, there are so many different challenges and demands to balance within your working day. You want to give your clients the best possible therapeutic help, but still work efficiently and stay on model. All while keeping up to date with the latest practices, techniques, and research, as well as furthering your professional development.

There’s never enough time to prepare as thoroughly as you’d like for your client or supervision sessions. Creating or finding high quality, credible, and sometimes multilingual resources is time consuming, but not something you’re willing to compromise on. It can be hard to stay focused and attentive when you feel stretched too thin. We can all struggle to remain ‘present’ when we’re worrying about juggling multiple demands.

As professional psychologists, we understand these tensions. It’s one of the reasons we began Psychology Tools – to create evidence-based, genuinely useful tools and resources for professionals, so you have you everything you need to deliver great therapy more easily and effectively.

Feel better prepared for every client session

Using our evidence-based library of 450+ resources and tools, you can prepare for client sessions much faster. Choose from a wide range of evidence-based materials, including worksheets, exercises, handouts, therapy audio, guides, and Treatments That Work titles.  You can be confident that whatever challenges your clients are facing, you’ll always have a variety of great materials to support them.

Work smarter

Our tools are developed by highly qualified clinical psychologists, who understand which features are useful for the way you work.

  • Resources created in multiple formats to suit any learning style (fillable PDFs, editable PPT, editable DOC) and our ‘one page per concept’ design mean focused, easily digestible learning.
  • Clients can be supported through resources in their own language with our translation library of 3500+ resources in 70+ languages, allowing for deeper engagement with treatment.
  • Stay on model and minimize therapist drift with conceptualization tools and cognitive behavioral models.
  • Tailored client and professional versions are optimized for the differing needs of practitioners and clients, enabling therapy to be delivered most effectively.

Work sharper

Our tools aren’t just for using with your clients, they’re also carefully designed to help you develop your practice. Create stronger theory-practice links with fully referenced materials, knowing that special attention has been paid to the theory underpinning each resource.

There’s a wide range of tools for assessment, formulation, intervention, and evaluation, as well as materials for use in supervisions to help your supervisees and trainees learn. We can help you at every step of the therapeutic process.

Save valuable time

Working faster shouldn’t mean cutting corners. Our features allow you to save time without compromising on quality or academic rigor. With all our resources in one easy-to-search location, you can find something specific or search more broadly in a way that delivers results quickly. The library is intuitively organized by Problem, Therapy, Technique, and Mechanism. You can also filter by Therapy Tool or Language, so you can choose how you search. Find standalone resources in seconds or construct whole treatment plans when you have a little more time. You can also email materials directly to clients from our website, saving even more precious minutes.

Keep learning

Resources that enable you to continue your professional development can only be a good thing.

Designed for clinicians, each exercise, worksheet, and information handout has a professional version with everything you need to help you use each tool most effectively. As well as the resource, each PDF contains theoretical context and background, instructions for delivering the resource, suggested prompts, and references. Some resources also include case examples and annotations where appropriate.

 This guidance enables you to confidently use new materials, expanding your practice toolkit. Full references for each resource mean you can read further into areas you’re less familiar with, increasing your knowledge. With new materials and articles added all the time, there’s always more to learn.

(And if you’re already familiar with a resource or want to give it directly to a client, you can choose the more focused client version which includes the resource and client-friendly instructions where appropriate.)

And breathe

There will always be a lot to juggle. But knowing you have resources and tools to help manage your demands effectively means you can feel more in control and focus on doing what you need to do. With less to worry about, you can enjoy a little more time to think, to really listen and focus on your clients and your practice.

Psychology Tools is a key part of my preparation now. Each day, I review my client notes and look at what areas are to be addressed and then I print the resources ready for the sessions. As I discuss a topic, I give the client a specific sheet and go through this with them to identify how it relates to their situation. The resources complement my work and reinforce the concepts during treatment. I also feel it gives more credibility to what I am explaining. (Jacqueline Davies, Registered Psychologist, Bpsych (Hons), Assoc MAPS)


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