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A career's worth of resources at your fingertips

Our library has everything you need from assessments and formulations, to psychoeducation, interventions, and skills-development tools.

Save time with ready-to-go materials, including therapist guidance, step-by-step instructions, and multiple formats.

500+ Information Handouts, Worksheets, Exercises, Audio Resources, Guides, and Chapters, with 3500+ translations in over 70 languages.

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A career's worth of resources at your fingertips

Psychology Tools CBT Worksheets

Treatments That Work™ titles are now part of our library

Written by leading psychologists, including Edna Foa, David Barlow and Michelle Craske, Treatments That Work™ is a series of evidence-based treatment programs.

With step-by-step procedures for delivering interventions, the series will help you to provide the best possible care for your clients.

Featuring therapist guides and client workbooks, all chapters from 22 books are now available.

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Treatments That Work™ titles are now part of our library

Treatments That Work series available titles (now including the unified protocol)

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Choose from 500+ Information Handouts, Exercises and Worksheets, and the world’s largest multi-lingual resource library – with no time limit.

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Psychology Tools is fantastic. The resources are well written, clinically accurate, and beautifully presented.

Try 5 resources for free, no credit card required

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Keep clients connected to their therapy, and remove barriers to self-practice.

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I now send *all* tools to my clients directly from the Psychology Tools website.

Share resources securely with your clients

Psychology Tools Share Resources Securely

Trusted by thousands of mental health professionals worldwide

"I was spending way too much time searching online for resources and often ended up with things that weren't quite right. Now, logging into Psychology Tools whenever I need to share something with a client is so much simpler.

I feel comfortable sharing information that I know has been well researched, and is clearly and professionally presented. There's a huge library to explore and they are adding more all the time."
Image of Dr Megan Kendall, clinical psychologist
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Dr Megan Kendall
Clinical Psychologist
"I cannot speak highly enough of Psychology Tools and the invaluable resources it offers to mental health professionals. It has changed the way I conduct therapy, saving me precious time while significantly enhancing the quality of care I provide to my clients.

The ability to screen share during sessions and assign homework directly from the platform has enhanced client engagement and accountability, ultimately leading to better outcomes."
Image of Nitasha Ahuja, clinical social worker
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Nitasha Ahuja
Clinical Social Worker

Make it easier for your clients to change

We all learn in different ways.

Clients can work the way they work best – on paper, using digital friendly forms, or even therapy audio.

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The easy access to CBT worksheets is very helpful to my patients in solidifying the work outside of our sessions.

Make it easier for your clients to change

Psychology Tools Making It Easier For your Clients

Talk to your clients in their language

With over 3500 translations across 70+ languages, we have the world’s biggest library of multi-lingual therapy resources.

They’re easy to read and understand, using consistent layouts whatever the language.

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I work in a multicultural setting. It is useful for me to be able to provide information to my clients in their language. They feel validated and it helps to engage them in treatment.

Talk to your clients in their language

Psychology Tools Translated Resources

Why Psychology Tools?

Deliver effective therapy more easily, whatever stage you’re at.

Find out more about how Psychology Tools can enhance your practice.

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Why Psychology Tools?

Psychology Tools For Teams

Perfectly suited to however you practice

Use our resources for in-person sessions, remote therapy, or both. With multiple formats, they are as flexible as your practice.

Many resources can be adapted, personalized, or filled in digitally. Choose from fillable PDFs, editable Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint document formats.

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Perfectly suited to however you practice

Psychology Tools Perfectly Suited To However You Practice