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We help teams and organizations work smarter

Mental health professionals need the best tools to do the best job. Whatever the size of your team, Psychology Tools makes it easier to deliver great therapy more efficiently and effectively. Which means benefits for you, your organization, and your staff.

Create more time for your team with our library of easy-to-search, evidence-based resources and tools. Materials are designed to enhance clinicians’ practice, providing opportunities for further learning and professional development. Meaning clients are helped to get better faster and staff feel supported and empowered. Optimizing the way your people work means more capacity to focus on organizational goals, as well as reaching more clients.

How does a team membership work?
Teams have one owner and multiple members. Each clinician in the team is given their own login and is licensed to use and share resources with their clients for as long as your account is active. We know teams change so it’s easy to assign and reassign logins via your admin control panel. Team accounts can be created for any size (min 5 users). They are easy and quick to set up, administer and use.

How much does it cost?
If you would like a quote for your team, please register your interest using the form below; or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Click on the image below for our Teams brochure.

Brochure outlining the resources available to teams of 5 or more clinicians.

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