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What If English Isn’t Your Client’s First Language?

Psychology Tools
1 January 2020

Therapy is hard work. But experiencing therapy in a language that isn’t your own is even harder.

Imagine the benefits of being able to give primary resources to your clients in their first language to use in sessions and self-practice. The positive impact on their therapy experience could improve therapeutic outcomes.


Psychology Tools has the largest online, searchable library of multilingual therapy resources

It currently has 3000+ worksheets, exercises and handouts, available in over 70 languages and is growing all the time.

Our translation library is really important to us because it allows therapists to support clients in their own language, giving them a deeper understanding of concepts and engagement with the treatment process. As a therapist, this could enable you to help them make progress faster.


Cultural and conceptual translations

Our translations are carried out by mental health professionals who pay careful attention to the concepts they are translating. They ensure that the theoretical concept is conveyed accurately, so you can be confident that each translation has the same focus as the version you are working from.


We don’t just focus on the words

To make our translated resources as easy as possible for you to use, we also pay careful attention to formatting and layout. This means that each section of every resource will have the same information in the same position in all languages. The design of a resource in each language will look the same, so that you can be confident that you and your client are both referring to the same concepts even though you’re working in different languages.

All 3000+ translated resources in 70+ languages are available with our paid membership plans.

Let us help you deliver great therapy to your clients, whatever their native language.

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