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Eating Disorder Worksheets

Screening and assessment tools for eating disorders


Resources related to the assessment of eating disorders

  • Anderson, D. A., Lundgren, J. D., Shapiro, J. R., & Paulosky, C. A. (2004). Assessment of eating disorders: Review and recommendations for clinical use. Behavior modification28(6), 763-782. download  archived copy

Treatment guidelines

  • Maudsley service manual for child and adolescent eating disorders (revised July 2016) download archived copy
  • NICE guidelines for eating disorders (January 2004) download

CBT treatment manuals

  • Group cognitive remediation therapy for adolescents with anorexia nervosa: The flexible thinking group | Zoe Maiden, Laura Baker, Jonathan Espie, Mima Simic, Kate Tchanturia | 2014 download archived copy
  • Self-help manual for bulimia nervosa | Chris Freeman, Gillian Downey | 2001 download  archived copy
  • Taming the hungry bear: self help for binge eating disorders | Kate Williams download archived copy

Other resources

The Centre for Research on Eating Disorders (Credo) have made some useful materials available:

The Institute of Psychiatry used to keep an up-to-date page of resources relevant to eating disorders – now only available via

Disordered eating

Overcoming disordered eating – part A

Overcoming disordered eating – part B

  • Evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy for eating disorders: principles and practice | Glenn Waller | 2017 download archived copy
  • Putting the ‘B’ back into CBT for eating disorders | Glen Waller | 2011 download archived copy
  • Transdiagnostic CBT for eating disorders “CBT-E” | Chris Fairburn download archived copy
  • Cooper, Z., Fairburn, C. (2009). Management of bulimia nervosa and other binge-eating problems. Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, 15, 129-136 download
  • Cooper, Z., & Fairburn, C. G. (2011). The evolution of “enhanced” cognitive behavior therapy for eating disorders: Learning from treatment nonresponse. Cognitive and behavioral practice, 18(3), 394-402 download
  • Murphy, R., Straebler, S., Cooper, Z., & Fairburn, C. G. (2010). Cognitive behavioral therapy for eating disorders. Psychiatric Clinics of North America, 33(3), 611-627 download
  • Waller, G. (2016). Recent advances in psychological therapies for eating disorders. F1000Research, 5. download

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