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    Clinical (Core Team)

    Dr Matthew Whalley | Founder, Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Matthew Whalley is a clinical psychologist and founder of Psychology Tools. His principle clinical interests are working with survivors of trauma, and the development of psychological resources to help clinicians to deliver effective therapy. He has held clinical posts in primary, community, and tertiary settings within the National Health Service, including a position in a leading specialist trauma service. He maintains a small private practice.

    Prior to clinical training Matthew completed a PhD and postdoctoral work at University College London, conducting neuroimaging research at the FIL in Queens Square, as well as the University of Pittsburgh MR Research Center. His research includes exploration of psychological approaches to pain management, autobiographical memory in survivors of trauma, pharmacological manipulation of suggestibility, and cognitive behavioral approaches to dizziness.

    Dr Matthew Pugh | Clinical Psychologist

    Dr. Matthew Pugh is a clinical psychologist and lead for clinical resource development at Psychology Tools. He is a specialist in eating disorders, experiential methods in psychotherapy, and working with ‘parts’ of the self, and he has specialist training in cognitive behavioural psychotherapies, schema therapy, and facilitating voice dialogue. Prior to joining Psychology Tools, Matt worked in NHS mental health services for over 15 years as a senior therapist and team leader. He is also the co-director of Chairwork, which provides international training in chairwork.

    Dr Hardeep Kaur | Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Hardeep Kaur is a specialist in addictions and trauma, a qualified mindfulness teacher, and a clinical supervisor. Dr Kaur’s primary clinical role is as lead of an NHS psychological therapies service. She has also led psychology teams in an IAPT service and at Combat Stress, and has worked in an NHS tertiary trauma service. Dr Kaur is a BABCP accredited CBT therapist and has expertise in ACT, CFT, and EMDR.

    Clinical (Consultants)

    Dr Tara Cutland Green | Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Tara Cutland Green is a clinical psychologist with over 25 years experience in a range of therapies including CBT, CAT, DBT and EMDR. Since 2008 she has specialised in Schema Therapy and is currently a director of Schema Therapy Associates. She and Dr Gill Heath together developed and deliver ISST-approved Schema Therapy Certification training and created the Schema Therapy Toolkit training video set. Tara also co-authored chapters in the Handbook of Adult Clinical Psychology (2016) and Creative Methods in Schema Therapy (2020). Dr Cutland Green worked with Psychology Tools to review our Schema series.

    Dr Jenna LeJeune | Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Jenna LeJeune is President and co-founder of Portland Psychotherapy Clinic, Research and Training Center in Portland, Oregon. As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. LeJeune is deeply interested in issues of meaning, purpose, and values. In her clinical practice, Dr. LeJeune specialises in using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help those she serves connect with what is most meaningful, so that they are able to live lives of purpose and integrity even in the midst of suffering. She is an ACT Peer Reviewed Trainer, and co-author of the book Values in Therapy: A Clinician’s Guide to Helping Clients Develop Psychological Flexibility and Live a More Meaningful Life. Psychology Tools worked with Dr LeJeune to create the guide Values: Connecting To What Matters.

    Dr Chris Irons | Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Chris Irons is a clinical psychologist, researcher, writer, and trainer specializing in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). He co-directs Balanced Minds and BalO, which aim to promote compassion-based psychological interventions and training and to integrate these approaches into organizations. With over 20 years of experience, Chris has worked with Professor Paul Gilbert on the research and clinical developments linked to CFT. He has authored five books and published numerous articles and chapters on compassion, attachment, shame, and self-criticism. Chris regularly provides CFT teaching, training, workshops, and retreats worldwide and focuses on developing CFT-based resources for the general public while integrating compassion-based approaches in organizations. Recently, Chris and Dr. Elaine Beaumont released The Self Compassion App. Psychology Tools worked with Dr Irons to develop the Psychology Tools For Developing Self-Compassion Audio Collection.

    Dr Emma Baldock | Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Emma Baldock is a Clinical Psychologist working at the Oxford Health Specialist Psychological Interventions Clinic (OHSPIC), which is a National & Specialist Service for children and adults with anxiety problems, including obsessive compulsive disorder and body dysmorphic disorder. She also works in private practice as a Cognitive Therapist and Schema Therapist. Emma trained in Clinical Psychology at King’s College London where she had previously done a PhD in mental health ethics in anorexia nervosa. She published her clinical doctoral research on mirror-gazing in body dysmorphic disorder and she went onto run the CBT module of the IAPT diploma in therapies for Children and Young People. She delivers training on Body Dysmorphic Disorder for the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre. Psychology Tools worked with Dr Baldock to create the Understanding Body Dysmorphic Disorder guide.

    Dr Lisa Wood | Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Lisa Wood is a Principal Clinical Psychologist working in acute mental health inpatient services in the NHS and is also an Associate Professor at University College London.  She completed her Clinical Psychology Training at the University of East London and her PhD at the University of Manchester. Her interests are working with people who experience psychosis, especially those who are in crisis. She also undertakes research to try and improve talking therapies for this population. Psychology Tools worked with Dr Wood to create the Understanding Psychosis guide.


    Rachel Allman | Communications

    Rachel is responsible for driving our communications at Psychology Tools. Her goal is to ensure that members get the most from their membership and our content, and to increase awareness of Psychology Tools amongst those who it can meaningfully help. With an experienced background in brand strategy and development, as well as in interest psychology, this role combines both her expertise and interests. She loves stretching her skills and keeping those around her on their toes.

    Joseph Whittle | Design

    Having spent over a decade in in-house graphic design management and print production, Joseph looks after the design and illustration at Psychology Tools, as well as advising on brand implementation. He is experienced in aligning strategic and tactical design and brand output with overarching strategies, helping stakeholders shape and define their messaging. In his spare time Joseph works in music production and is quickly running out of space in his studio.

    Joss Plowman | Editorial

    Joss Plowman carries out proofing and editorial tasks at Psychology Tools. Having graduated from Durham University and subsequently the University of Plymouth in Classics and Publishing respectively, he is responsible for maintaining grammatical and editorial standards across all Psychology Tools resources. His interests (which he argues are not to be confused with proficiencies) include linguistics, reading, and crafts. One of his more underrated achievements was saving the life of the office plant.

    Carenza Watson | Editorial

    Carenza Watson carries out editorial and production tasks at Psychology Tools. She has a BA in English and United States Literature from the University of Essex and an MA in Publishing from Kingston University. Her interests include listening to podcasts and hanging out with her dog.

    Maria Drimoura | Administration

    Maria Drimoura is the administrator in charge of team accounts. She has a BA in Psychology from the American College of Greece and a MA in Body and Representation from the University of Reading. She is a sworn bookworm and her favourite author is Nikos Kazantzakis.