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Our Formats Are As Flexible As Your Practice

Psychology Tools
1 January 2020

One size doesn’t fit all

People learn and work in different ways. We’ve created our resources in a variety of formats so you can easily provide clients with the right materials to engage and inform them most effectively.

Simply find the resource you want to use, then select the format that best suits your needs and your client’s learning style. We’ve outlined the options below.


Professional version

Designed for clinicians, this is the comprehensive option for those who want to learn everything about a resource and how to best use it. The PDF document includes the resource itself, the theoretical background underpinning the resource, therapist guidance explaining how to deliver the resource most effectively, suggested prompts, and full references. Many of the worksheets and exercises also include case examples to help you and your clients make the most of the tool. The professional version has everything you need to be able to use the resource confidently, so it’s great for students or newly qualified clinicians.

Client version

If you’re giving a resource directly to your client, this is the one to choose. The PDF includes a blank version of the resource and client friendly instructions where appropriate. It’s also perfect if you’re already familiar with the resource and don’t need anything except the resource itself.

Fillable PDF

Clients with no printer at home? No problem. Fillable PDFs are perfect for those who prefer to work online or don’t have a printer at home but want to continue self-practice in between sessions. Fillable PDF worksheets can be completed and saved using free Adobe Acrobat Reader software, so that your clients can keep a record of what they’ve been doing.


Edit, rearrange, or adapt any of the format and content yourself. With our editable Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) and Word (DOC) files, you can personalize a resource for your client’s circumstances whenever you need to.

Audio skills development tools

It’s not just the written word. We also have a library of professionally recorded audio therapy resources created by experienced clinical psychologists. Audio exercises are a particularly convenient and engaging way to help your clients, and can add variety to your therapeutic toolkit. Prescribe them as stand-alone interventions or integrate them into your clinical practice. Our audio resources can help clients augment and consolidate what they have learned in therapy, develop and practice new skills and techniques, or access additional support and create continuity between sessions.


Our guides cover topic areas that are too large to be distilled into a one-page resource. Typically covering practical exercises, skills development and psychoeducation, or more complex areas that require more information to be absorbed. Each guide contains informative illustrations, practical examples, and simple instructions so that clients can easily relate to the content and apply it to their difficulties.

Resources that adapt to your clients’ needs

With such a wide range of materials you won’t be restricted to using the same few exercises. You can tackle problems using different resources so that you can ‘land’ a concept more effectively. If you know a certain type of tool won’t work as well for your client, you can easily find alternatives.

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