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How do I email resources to my clients directly from the website?

Psychology Tools customers with an Advanced or Team subscription can take advantage of our email-a-client feature. This allows you to email Psychology Tools resources directly to your client from the website. Your client will then receive an email containing link they can use to download the resource you have chosen. This is especially useful for sharing large files such as the Psychology Tools Audio Collections, or the fillable PDF worksheets.

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    Things you should be aware of before using this feature

    • If you choose to use this feature your client’s email address will be logged by the Psychology Tools mail server.
    • The email logs are automatically deleted after 90 days.
    • Your clients will not receive any emails from Psychology Tools apart from those that you choose to send them.
    • You must only use this function to send resources to individual clients with whom you have a professional relationship, and who have consented to receive such communications.
    • Resources that you send to your clients are automatically stamped with your name.
    • Misuse of this service may result in the suspension of your account.

    How the email-a-client feature works

    1. Get your client’s consent to email them a Psychology Tools resource

    2. Sign in to your Psychology Tools account

    3. Find the resource you want to share with your client and click the email-a-client button

    4. Enter your client’s email address, acknowledge the terms and conditions, then click send

    5. Your client will receive an email containing a download link