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What formats are Psychology Tools resources available in?

Psychology Tools resources are available in multiple formats so that you can be responsive to the way that your clients work best. On this page we give you a run down of the different formats and their advantages. Remember that as well as multiple formats, Psychology Tools resources are available in multiple languages.

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    Psychology Tools formats

    Psychology Tools worksheets, exercises, and information handouts are available in the following formats:

    • Professional version
    • Client version
    • Fillable PDF
    • Editable PPT & Editable DOC

    Other available formats include:

    • Guides
    • Audio

    Professional version

    The Psychology Tools Professional version is the best all-rounder. If you’re not sure which format to pick, then this is the one to try first.

    Designed for clinicians, this comprehensive option includes everything you need to use the resource confidently. As well as the resource, each PDF contains useful information, including therapist guidance, theoretical context and background, instructions for delivering the resource, suggested prompts, and references. Some resources also include case examples and annotations where appropriate.

    Professional Version Format

    Client version

    This is a blank PDF of the resource, with client-friendly instructions where appropriate, but without the theoretical description. These are ideal for printing and using in-session or giving to a client.

    Client Version Format

    Fillable (pdf)

    Fillable PDF worksheets are available in Adobe Acrobat format. With Fillable PDF worksheets, your clients can complete forms digitally and then save and email the files or print them.

    *We can only guarantee that these worksheets will work correctly when opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Some functions may be unavailable in other PDF reading software.

    Fillable (PDF) Format

    Editable (ppt + doc)

    Psychology Tools Editable PPT and Editable DOC worksheets are available in Microsoft Powerpoint ® and Microsoft Word ® formats. Editable worksheets allow you to adapt to your client’s needs by changing the phrasing or meaning of sections, adding annotations, or allowing your clients to complete forms digitally.

    Editable (PPT and DOC) Formats


    Our guides cover topic areas that are too large to be distilled into a one-page resource. Typically covering practical exercises, skills development and psychoeducation, or more complex areas that require more information to be absorbed.

    Each guide contains informative illustrations, practical examples, and simple instructions so that clients can easily relate to the content and apply it to their difficulties.

    Guide Format


    We also have a library of professionally recorded audio therapy resources created by experienced clinical psychologists. Audio exercises are a particularly convenient and engaging way to help your clients and can add variety to your therapeutic toolkit.

    Prescribe them as stand-alone interventions or integrate them into your clinical practice. Our audio resources can help clients augment and consolidate what they have learned in therapy, develop and practice new skills and techniques, or access additional support and create continuity between sessions.

    Audio Format