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What formats are Psychology Tools resources available in?

Psychology Tools resources are available in multiple formats so that you can be responsive to the way that your clients work best. On this page we give you a run down of the different formats and their advantages. Remember that as well as multiple formats, Psychology Tools resources are available in multiple languages.

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    Psychology Tools formats

    Psychology Tools worksheets, exercises, and information handouts are available in the following formats:

    • Full pack
    • Exercise/Worksheet/Information handout only
    • Fillable PDF
    • Editable PPT & Editable DOC


    Full Pack

    The Psychology Tools Full pack is the best all-rounder. If you’re not sure which format to pick then this is the one to try first. The Full pack typically contains:

    • A description of the tool
    • Instructions for therapists and/or clients about how to get the most from the tool
    • References & sources of more information
    • Blank copies of the worksheet / exercise / information handout
    • Case examples (where applicable)
    • Annotated versions of the worksheet with therapist guidance (where applicable)

    Exercise/Worksheet/Information handout only

    This format is designed for when you know what you want, and when you want it quickly. They consist of the blank worksheet/exercise/information handout only, with no introduction or case examples.

    Fillable (pdf)

    Fillable PDF worksheets are available in Adobe Acrobat format. With Fillable PDF worksheets, your clients can complete forms digitally and then save and email the files or print them.

    *We can only guarantee that these worksheets will work correctly when opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Some functions may be unavailable in other PDF reading software.

    Editable (ppt + doc)

    Psychology Tools Editable PPT and Editable DOC worksheets are available in Microsoft Powerpoint ® and Microsoft Word ® formats. Editable worksheets allow you to adapt to your client’s needs by changing the phrasing or meaning of sections, adding annotations, or allowing your clients to complete forms digitally.