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Making The Most Of Your Trial Membership

Psychology Tools
1 January 2019

Welcome to Psychology Tools!

Our job is to make your life as a mental health professional easier, and we’re delighted that you’ve created a Trial account. You can browse the whole site and will be able to download a selection of resources for inspection – although you may find that access to some resources is restricted to members with paid memberships. This short guide will introduce you to the kind of resources that we publish and the best ways to find them.

The range of Psychology Tools resources

We publish a wide range of therapy resources to support your practice. These include:

  • Worksheets: these are forms that you fill in with your client, or that they complete alone.
  • Exercises: these are something that you do with your client, often to gather information, or so that they can learn a new skill.
  • Information handouts: these are simple psychoeducation resources to help your clients (and their friends and family) to learn more about a topic.
  • Guides: these are short (10-20 pages) self-help resources to help your clients master a particular skill (they are only available to members with an ‘Advanced’ plan).
  • Audio: Psychology Tools audio collections are designed to help your clients to learn or develop a skill (they are only available to members with an ‘Advanced’ plan).
  • Workbooks: these are long-form resources to support your clients in overcoming a problem (they are only available to members with an ‘Advanced’ plan).

How to find what you need

We know what it’s like: your client is arriving in five minutes and you need to feel prepared. We have developed different ways to help you to find what you need, when you need it:

  1. Using the search box on the homepage: this will take you to a filtered list of all our resources.
  2. Using filters on our All Resources page: this works like a shopping website to help you to narrow down your selection.
  3. Using the Professional menu to view resources sorted by Problem, Modality, Technique, or transdiagnostic Mechanism.
  4. Using the search feature in the menu bar to search the whole site.

Searching Psychology Tools

Downloading the resource you want

Once you have found the resource you want you can download it in multiple languages and formats. As a Trial member you can download resources in the following formats:

  • Full Pack which is a good all-round choice. It is a PDF file containing the tool, instructions, and case examples where appropriate.
  • Exercise/Worksheet/Information handout only is just what it says – a single-page PDF file.

To download a resource:

1. Make sure that you are signed in

How do I download resources - sign in page

2. Choose the format you want

How do I download resources - resource page

3. Use the drop-down menu to select your language

How do I download resources - select a language

4. Click the download button

How do I download resources - download button

What next?

A Trial membership comes with a fixed number of downloads which are licensed for personal use only. To make your professional life easier you can upgrade to a Basic or Advanced membership: you will gain access to the full library of clinical tools, and will be notified regularly as more are added.

Key features of a Basic membership

  • Access to over 200+ worksheets, exercises, and information handouts
  • Resources available in 50+ languages
  • Licensed to use and share resources with your clients

Key features of an Advanced membership

  • All the key features of a Basic membership
  • Additional formats: fillable PDF, editable PPT and DOC
  • Audio therapy resources to share with your clients
  • Ebooks and guide
  • Emailing files to your clients directly from the website to save your time

Learn more about Psychology Tools plans and resources here.