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Treatments That Work and Psychology Tools: Our Library Just Got Much Bigger

Psychology Tools
10 October 2022

Written by leading psychologists, including Edna Foa, David Barlow and Michelle Craske, Treatments That Work is a renowned series of evidence-based, structured treatment programs. Each title in the series focuses on a specific problem, such as anxiety, panic, eating disorders and PTSD. Containing step-by-step procedures for delivering evidence-based psychological interventions, this series will support you in providing the best possible care for your clients.

We are excited to make 20 of the books available to our members for the first time.

“The growing consensus is that evidence-based practice offers the most responsible course of action for the mental health professional. All behavioral healthcare clinicians deeply desire to provide the best possible care for their patients. In this series, our aim is to close the dissemination and information gap and make that possible.”

– David Barlow, Editor of the Treatments That Work series

Gold standard resources

With the addition of Treatments That Work titles, we are thrilled to further expand our library of best-in-class resources. Rigorously tested in clinical trials, each title is available in two volumes – a Therapist guide and companion Workbook:

  • Therapist guides include session agendas and outlines, sample dialogues, metaphors and step-by-step instructions. They enable clinicians to deliver effective treatments skilfully, and with fidelity to the models.
  • Workbooks include easy to digest psychoeducation, interactive forms and worksheets, as well as exercises to help clients learn and develop new skills. They’re great for consolidating learning and supporting self-practice.
  • Work your way. Each of the 20 books are available to download chapter-by-chapter. Choose relevant sections when you want to keep things focused or download them all. Follow the whole program or integrate chapters using a modular approach. It’s up to you.

Learn from thought leaders

With titles written and edited by expert psychologists, you can learn from thought leaders across a wide range of clinical conditions.

Our available titles cover a wide range of problems, including:


Share with your clients

It’s no good keeping these resources to yourself. Psychology Tools members with an active Complete plan are licensed to use copies in their professional work. Share all chapters with any of your clients to support them in their therapy. At no extra cost to them, it’s one less obstacle to client engagement. People can find it very helpful to have their own workbook to refer back to whenever they need to.

How can I access Treatments That Work at Psychology Tools?

It’s really simple. Every chapter from all 20 books is available to download digitally, and can be used in your professional work immediately when you sign up to the Complete plan.

Access to all resources and tools

The Complete membership gives you access to everything in the Psychology Tools library: All Treatments That Work chapters, 370+ worksheets, handouts, exercises, guides, and therapy audio; plus our email a client feature, 3000+multilingual translations, and resources in multiple formats. It’s the complete package for professionals.

Treatments That Work All Resources

Unbeatable value

A single paperback copy of one of the client workbooks would cost you (or your client) $35. Our Complete plan delivers fantastic value – giving you access to a huge range of resources and a license to share all the materials with your clients while your plan is active.

I’m already a member!

No problem. If you are already a member on an Advanced or Basic plan, you can simply upgrade to a Complete plan now to be able to use Treatments That Work titles.

Explore Treatments That Work titles