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Why can’t I access Psychology Tools resources?

If you have a valid subscription to Psychology Tools but are having trouble accessing the resources then we recommend that you try the troubleshooting tips below before contacting support.

Try using a different internet browser

Most of the difficulties our customers experience are related to cache issues of their internet browser. The quickest way to tell if this is the case is to try a different internet browser, or opening a private browsing window in your current internet browser. If this enables you to log in and download resources successfully then [1] great! and [2] it suggests that clearing the cache of your internet browser would fix the problem.

Clear the cache of your internet browser

Sometimes internet browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox can unhelpfully ‘remember’ things in their cache which can cause errors. Clearing the cache can be a quick way of fixing the problem. Do note that clearing your web browser’s cache, cookies and history may remove data such as saved passwords or address bar predictions.

Follow these instructions to clear the cache of your internet browser

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