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Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors

Body-focused repetitive behaviors are recurrent destructive behaviors directed toward the body. They include hair pulling (trichotillomania), skin picking, and nail biting. Recommended treatment approaches for BFRBs include habit reversal therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and components of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Read more
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Behavioral Experiment

Behavioral experiments allow individuals to test the validity of their beliefs and assumptions. They are a core experiential technique for therapeutic ...


CBT Thought Record

The CBT Thought Record is an essential tool in cognitive behavioral therapy. Thought challenging records help people to evaluate their negative automa ...


Therapy Blueprint

The Therapy Blueprint is an end of therapy relapse-prevention worksheet. It is useful as a prompt for reflection upon therapeutic work. It can help to ...


Unhelpful Thinking Styles

Human thinking is subject to a number of characteristic biases. Cognitive restructuring is the process of helping individuals to overcome their biases ...

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Overcoming distress intolerance

Interpersonal effectiveness

Developing self-compassion


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