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Motivational Interviewing Worksheets

Motivational interviewing is a counselling style for effecting behavior change, and for helping clients to explore and resolve ambivalance by evoking their personal motivations for change. Four microcounselling skills have been cited as important in M.I.:

“(1) the ability to ask open-ended questions which assist clients to ex- plore the need for and possibility of change, supporting their autonomy; (2) the ability to provide affirmations which assist counselors in building rapport and supporting clients’ self- efficacy or confidence in their ability to master change, with personal strengths and prior successes being highlighted; (3) the capacity for active listening, which assists counselors to portray empathy and to guide clients towards making a change; and (4) the ability to provide summary statements to the client which communicate interest and understanding and draw atten- tion to important elements of the discussion.” de Almeida Neto (2017)

Psychology Tools Motivational Interviewing Worksheets

  • Treasure, J. (2004). Motivational interviewing. Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, 10, 331-337

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