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Supervision (Clinical/Professional Supervision)

Clinical supervision is an essential part of psychological therapy. Clinical supervision is understood as “the formal provision of a relationship-based education and training that is case-focused and which manages, supports, develops and evaluates the work of junior colleagues” (Milne, 2007) or as “a means of transmitting the skills, knowledge and attitudes of a particular profession to the next generation of professionals” (Bernard & Goodyear, 2004). Read more
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A range of measures of supervision have been developed by the Oxford Clinical Supervision Research Group:

Other measures include:

Cognitive Therapy Competence / Adherence Measures


  • Borden’s model of the supervisory working alliance – Borden (1983)
  • Process model of supervision – Hawkins & Shohet (2012)
  • Systems model of the supervisory relationship – Holloway (1995)



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