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Panic Attack Progress Record

Recovery often has a fluctuating course and it is important to monitor progress in cognitive behavioral therapy. Clients can use the Panic Attack Progress Record worksheet to record the frequency of panic incidents over time.


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  • French
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  • Italian
  • Spanish (International)

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Full resource pack (PDF)

Everything you could need: a PDF of the resource, therapist instructions, and description with theoretical context and references. Where appropriate, case examples and annotations are also included.

Worksheet only (PDF)

A copy of the worksheet in PDF format.

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An editable Microsoft PowerPoint version of the resource.

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The Panic Attack Progress Record is from the book Psychology Tools For Panic. The Panic Attack Progress Record is a way to monitor how often you experience panic attacks, and how much anxiety and worry you have about your panic. Good CBT for panic involves recording your progress - to help you find out what is and isn't working - and many people find it motivating to monitor the effectiveness of their treatment.


  • Whalley, M. G. (2017). Psychology Tools For Overcoming Panic. Psychology Tools.