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13th April 2023 Newsletter

Psychology Tools
13 April 2023

Psychology Tools for Developing Self-Compassion is here!

We’re releasing a 30-track audio collection guiding clients through an evidence-based programme of Compassionate Mind Training (CMT). Developed with Dr Chris Irons, it’s designed to help your clients build an effective compassion practice using a combination of knowledge, theory, techniques and skills.

Everyone can benefit from this collection. CMT is a set of evidence-based techniques and practices developed to help clients who struggle with shame and self-criticism. More broadly, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to increase their sense of well-being, or develop a more compassionate mindset and way of relating to themselves and others. Professionals who want to learn more about the ideas and practices of CMT and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) will also find it invaluable.

Psychology Tools For Developing Self-Compassion Audio Collection being played on an iPhone with wireless headphones.

Psychology Tools For Developing Self-Compassion Audio Collection Cover Image

What’s great about it?

It was developed with a leading CFT expert
Dr Chris Irons is a clinical psychologist, researcher, and author. He’s one of the main international trainers in CFT, and has been working with this approach for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in helping people to develop self-compassion via groups, an app, and online training.

It’s one of our most versatile resources yet
The beauty of this collection is its flexibility. If you’re already delivering Compassion Focused Therapy, you can use it to support your in-session work. If your clients could benefit from developing a compassionate mind, it can operate as a standalone skills-development course to be completed alongside therapy. Finally, it can be completed independently as a self-guided course.

This is a self-contained audio collection with everything you might need. It includes: 

  • An introduction to the theory of Compassion Focused Therapy and why self-compassion is so important.
  • Practical skills development, which focuses on the key areas of attention and mindfulness, developing your soothing system, the power of imagery and memory, and developing your compassionate mind.
  • Putting it all together. Guidance on how to apply these new skills to real life difficulties. It’s not enough just to develop a compassionate mind, you have to use it. The collection guides you through the process of directing your compassionate mind and putting it into action.
  • Step by step instructions and guidance.

Explore the audio collection ᐅ

Can I use this collection?

Yes, if you have an Advanced or Complete membership, it’s already available in the library to start using today.

If you’re a Basic member, simply upgrade your account now, to download the collection. You’ll also get access to the whole library of 400+ Advanced or Complete resources and tools.

We hope you find the collection useful – let us know!