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Relapse Management / Relapse Prevention

Lapse and relapse management isn’t just important for substance misuse work. Any time a client has learned a new coping strategy and is attempting to put it into practice they are vulnerable to relapsing and using other (less adaptive) coping strategies. Relapse management can be used to reinforce use of the new coping strategy. Note the term relapse management rather than relapse prevention—when relapse occurs then ‘prevention’ indicates failure whereas ‘management’ promotes the idea of coping.
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Avoidance Hierarchy

Avoidance and safety-seeking behavior serves to maintain anxiety, and exposure to the fear stimuli/situation is an effective treatment for anxiety. Th ...


Cognitive Behavioral Model Of The Relapse Process (1999)

Marlatt’s (1985) cognitive behavioral model of relapse conceptualizes relapse as a “transitional process, a series of events that unfold over ...

Information Handout

Developing Psychological Flexibility

Developing Psychological Flexibility is a client information handout which can be used to familiarize clients with the ACT model. ...

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Lapse And Relapse Management

Recovery has a fluctuating course and so Lapse And Relapse Management is necessary when learning any new skill. It is applicable to most CBT work, as ...


Modifying Rules And Assumptions

Assumptions are often considered dysfunctional if they are inflexible, rigid, or lead to counterproductive behaviors. Modifying Rules And Assumptions ...


Positive Belief Record

Some cognitive change can happen quickly – for example challenging negative automatic thoughts. Other cognitive structures such as schemas are m ...


Problem Solving

Problem Solving is a structured worksheet which encourages solution-focused thinking. Clients are encouraged to identify a problem, identify multiple ...


Stages Of Change

The Stages Of Change model is helpful for conceptualizing the mental states of individuals at different stages of their change journey. This informati ...

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Therapy Blueprint

The Therapy Blueprint is an end of therapy relapse-prevention worksheet. It is useful as a prompt for reflection upon therapeutic work. It can help to ...


Therapy Blueprint For OCD

The Therapy Blueprint For OCD is a relapse prevention worksheet tailored for clients who are completing a course of therapy for obsessive compulsive d ...




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