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Forgiveness Worksheets & Handouts

Forgiveness is an important treatment for resolving anger and hurt. Much of the academic research on forgiveness has been conducted by Professor Robert Enright, and he has authored an excellent book on the subject.

  • Baskin, T. W., & Enright, R. D. (2004). Intervention studies on forgiveness: a meta‐analysis. Journal of Counseling & Development, 82(1), 79-90
  • Enright, R. D., Fitzgibbons, R. P. (2000). Helping clients forgive: An empirical guide for resolving anger and restoring hope. Washington DC: American Psychological Association
  • McCullough, M. E., vanOyen Witvliet, C. (2009). The psychology of forgiveness, in Snyder, C. R., & Lopez, S. J. eds, Oxford handbook of positive psychology. Oxford University Press, USA

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