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Forgiveness is an important treatment for resolving feelings of anger, hurt, and betrayal. Forgiveness therapy is an evidence-based treatment for anger (Enright & Fitzgibbons, 2000, 2015). Enright and Fitzgibbons have published extensively regarding forgiveness therapy. Their approach views forgiveness as a process involving stages of uncovering, decision, work, and deepening. Read more
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Forgiveness Is

Forgiveness is an effectvie treatment for anger and relieving hurt. Sadly, many people dismiss forgiveness due to misconceptions regarding its nature. ...

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Forgiveness Methods

Forgiveness is an effective treatment for anger and the relief of hurt. This information handout describes techniques for forgiveness and the steps in ...


Forgiveness Quotes

Forgiveness takes courage and strength. This information handout contains a helpful selection of quotations about forgiveness from famous figures. ...

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Unforgiveness Hook Metaphor

Forgiveness is an often misunderstood concept in therapy. This Unforgiveness Hook Metaphor is a striking representation of the consequences of remaini ...

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