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Affect Regulation Worksheets

Affect regulation, or emotion regulation, is the ability of an individual to modulate their emotional state in order to adaptively meet the demands of their environment. Individuals with a broad range of affect regulation strategies will be able to flexibly adapt to a range of stressful situations. Individuals with a more limited emotional regulation abilities may fall back upon a more limited range of stereotyped strategies that are not as successful in meeting their needs, or which come with more severe unintended consequences. The ability to successfully regulate emotion is often viewed in the light of attachment theory (Bowlby, 1969/1982).

Treatment manuals

  • Emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance skills for adolescents: A treatment manual | Charlers Bonner | 2002  download archived copy
  • A quality manual for MBT | Anthony Bateman, Dawn Bales, Joost Hutsebaut | 2014 download archived copy

Overcoming distress intolerance (facing your feelings)

Mindful awareness stabilization training

  • Session 1 – Mindfulness and the window of tolerance download archived copy
  • Session 2 – Mindfulness and the brain download archived copy
  • Session 3 – Mindfulness and emotions download archived copy
  • Session 4 – Developing an action plan for self care download archived copy
  • Audio track 1 – Mindfulness of the senses link
  • Audio track 2 – Three minute breathing space link
  • Audio track 3 – Mindfulness of breath link
  • Audio track 4 – Meditation of sounds link
  • Audio track 5 – Mindfulness of emotions link
  • Audio track 6 – Standing meditation link
  • Audio track 7 – Self-compassion meditation link
  • Mentalisation Based Therapy – training slides archived copy
  • Mentalisation Based Therapy – clinical slides  archived copy
  • What is mentalizing and why do it? | Chris Taylor download archived copy
  • Adolescent mentalization based therapy | Louise Duffy, Helen Griffiths | 2016 download archived copy
  • Bowlby, J. (1969/1982). Attachment and loss: Vol. 1. Attachment (2nd edition). New York: Basic Books
  • Hofmann, S. G. (2014). Interpersonal emotion regulation model of mood and anxiety disorders. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 38(5), 483-492.  download

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