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Self-compassion is increasingly recognized as an important life skill. Many individuals who have experienced neglect or abuse struggle to offer compassion towards themselves and struggle with shame and self-criticism as a result.

  • Formulation in Compassion Focused Therapy
  • Training our minds in, with, and for compassion: an introduction to concepts and compassion-focused exercises

Treatment guides

Exercises, Worksheets & Workbooks

Developing self-compassion

  • Paul Gilbert – Meng Wu Lecture (Introductory)
  • Paul Gilbert – CFT Workshop at CCARE (part 1)
  • Paul Gilbert – CFT Workshop at CCARE (part 2)
  • Paul Gilbert – CFT Workshop at CCARE (part 3)
  • Paul Gilbert – CFT Workshop at CCARE (part 4)
  • Paul Gilbert – DCP Lecture 2015 – Tragedies of the human mind

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