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06th February 2024 Newsletter

Psychology Tools
6 February 2024

Help your clients connect to what matters

We’re thrilled to bring you our first new guide of 2024. Values: Connecting To What Matters is a practical self-help guide and introduction to the cornerstones of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Developed in collaboration with ACT expert and author Dr Jenna LeJeune, it is a combination of psychoeducation, exercises and skills development.

Aimed at helping people find, connect, and take steps towards their values, this guide is perfect for clients who are feeling disconnected from what matters most to them. It is also a great introduction to the principles of ACT.

Values Guide front cover

What’s covered?

People often lose touch with their values: self-doubt, fear of judgment or displeasing others, adherence to externally determined norms, and avoidance of pain can all disconnect people from what matters most. Framed as “helping you to live a well-lived life” the guide will:

  • Introduce an ACT approach to life, pain, and suffering, and explain how values can help clients remain focused on what makes their lives meaningful.
  • Explain the important qualities of values with accessible case examples and metaphors.
  • Guide readers through a series of practical exercises supporting them to practice choosing values, and explore areas of their life in which values are present or absent.
  • Encourage the application of values in daily life. Guide readers to take actionable steps towards living in accordance with their identified values, creating a consistent and value-driven life path.

Values Guide [PDF]

During difficult times, our struggles can pull us away from what matters most. This guide is a practical and accessible resource that equips people with the tools needed to reconnect with their values, enabling people to cultivate meaningful, well-lived lives even in the midst of adversity. In my work with clients, I see how the pain they are struggling often constricts their lives, and in the midst of pain, they lose sight of what really matters. This guide offers the tools I have found most helpful in my work that enable people to reconnect with their values and thus live meaningful, well-lived lives even during very difficult times.

Dr Jenna LeJeune

We hope you find it useful!