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Can I edit the tools?

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    Members with an active Complete, Advanced, or Team plan are able to download editable versions of some resources. Most worksheets, exercises, and information handouts are available in editable Microsoft PowerPoint format. Some worksheets are also available in Microsoft Word format where the formatting allows.

    What can I do with editable versions of the resources?

    Editable versions of Psychology Tools resources can suit multiple purposes:

    • You can alter the language or phrasing of a resource to suit the way that you work
    • You can share the resource digitally with you client so that they can, for example, complete a form digitally rather than printing it
    • You can personalize the resource

    Do note that the normal terms and conditions apply to edited resources: they must not be uploaded to any digital platform, they must not be re-sold or redistributed. Follow this link for the full terms and conditions.

    How to edit a resource

    1. Download the editable PowerPoint version of the desired resource.
    2. Use the editing tools to add or remove text and images.
    3. Save the file, either as an editable PPT/PPTX file, or as a PDF.