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Can I share the resources?

Psychology Tools resources are designed to be shared in order to support your clinical practice. There are some restrictions on how you can share them.

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    Can I share Psychology Tools resources with my clients or students?

    If you have an active Basic / Advanced / Team membership then you can share resources with your therapy clients, or with your students.

    My clinical work involves running groups, can I share Psychology Tools resources with the group members?

    If you are the facilitator or co-facilitator of a group and have an active paid account, then you are licensed to share Psychology Tools resources with members of your therapeutic group.

    Can I email resources to my clients?

    If you have an Advanced or Team membership then we make it easy to share resources with your clients. If you click the email icon next to the download options then you will be able to enter your client’s email address. They will be sent a one-time link which will allow them to download the resource that you sent.

    Can I share Psychology Tools resources via my website?

    No. You must not store or host any Psychology Tools materials in digital form or upload them to any other digital platform. Psychology Tools members with a subscription to our Advanced plan can email resources to their clients directly from the Psychology Tools website.

    Can I share Psychology Tools resources with colleagues or other professionals?

    A subscription to Psychology Tools only grants a non-transferrable license to the individual purchaser. This means that members are only permitted to share resources with clients with whom they are working directly. If multiple members of a team require access to the resources then team subscriptions are available.