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How do I apply my student discount?

As a registered student of a recognized educational institution, you’re eligible for a 25% discount off our Complete or Advanced plans. To apply for your discount, please visit this page for more information.

Once you have been sent a discount coupon, you can apply it to your payment by following these steps (If you already have a Psychology Tools account, details on how to apply your discount can be found at the bottom of this page):

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    1. Navigate to the pricing page and choose the Complete or Advanced plan

    Be sure to select the currency of your choice using the menu bar on the left-hand side.

    2. Fill in your account details and then click ‘Have a coupon?’ under ‘Total to pay’

    3. Type in your coupon code and then your order summary should update accordingly.

    4. Fill in the rest of your payment details and click ‘Subscribe now’ for 25% off.

    If you are going to be a student for longer than one year, make sure to tell us so we can apply your coupon for the entire duration of your studies.


    As a current account holder, follow these steps instead:


    1. Login to your account and click ‘Upgrade your account’.



    2. Select your currency, click Complete or Advanced and then click ‘Have a coupon’ and enter in your coupon code before entering your card details and clicking ‘Subscribe’.