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What am I licensed to do with Psychology Tools?

We aim for our licensing conditions to be as straightforward as possible but there are some restrictions on use. We summarize the answers to common questions here, but full details are given in our terms and conditions. If you would like to seek further clarification please contact support.

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    Can I use Psychology Tools resources in my professional work?

    Members with an active Complete, Advanced, Basic, or Team plan are licensed to use and share Psychology Tools resources with their clients. This includes printing copies of materials to use with your clients, or emailing copies of resources directly to your clients. 

    Can I share Psychology Tools resources with colleagues or other professionals?

    Psychology Tools licenses are non-transferrable and permit an individual clinician to share resources only with clients with whom they are working directly. If multiple members of a team require access to the resources then team subscriptions are available.

    Can I share Psychology Tools resources via my website or in an online course that I am developing?

    No. You must not store or host any Psychology Tools materials in digital form or upload them to any other digital platform. 

    My clinical work involves running groups, can I share Psychology Tools resources with the group members?

    If you are the facilitator or co-facilitator of a group and have an active paid account, then you are licensed to share Psychology Tools resources with members of your therapeutic group.