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What is this Psychology Tools charge on my credit card?

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    Payments to Psychology Tools

    Payments to Psychology Tools will typically be displayed as Psychology Tools on your bank statement. Sometimes this is shortened to Psychology, Psychology T, or Psych Tools.


    Why am I seeing multiple charges on my statement?

    We will only charge you once for each year of access. If you see more charges than you expect then the most common causes are:

    • Payment failure: When you pay for something online the merchant requests an authorization from the customer’s bank. The authorization is automatically removed as soon as the actual charge is applied. If a customer makes multiple payment attempts which fail then multiple authorizations may appear temporarily on the customer’s online bank statement. Many banks will mark authorizations with a visual cue, such as the word ‘pending’ to identify it as an authorization. Some banks take up to two days to remove authorizations but you can call your bank to confirm their status.
    • Foreign transaction fee: Psychology Tools is based in the UK. Some banks will levy a foreign transaction fee, typically between 1% and 3% of the total purchase price.

    If you think that you have been charged in error then please contact support.