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Psychologists think of procrastination as a delay in beginning or completing an intended course of action. Procrastination is the voluntary delay of an intended course of action despite expecting to be worse-off for the delay. There is evidence that cognitive behavioral and metacognitive approaches are helpful when working with procrastination. Read more
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Avoidance Hierarchy

Avoidance and safety-seeking behavior serves to maintain anxiety, and exposure to the fear stimuli/situation is an effective treatment for anxiety. Th ...


Behavioral Experiment

Behavioral experiments allow individuals to test the validity of their beliefs and assumptions. They are a core experiential technique for therapeutic ...


CBT Thought Record

The CBT Thought Record is an essential tool in cognitive behavioral therapy. Thought challenging records help people to evaluate their negative automa ...


Developing Psychological Flexibility

Developing Psychological Flexibility is a client information handout which can be used to familiarize clients with the ACT model. ...

Information Handout

Motivation and Ambivalence

Motivation is a necessary precursor to change, yet many clients are ambivalent about the process of change. The Motivation And Ambivalence worksheets ...


Therapy Blueprint

The Therapy Blueprint is an end of therapy relapse-prevention worksheet. It is useful as a prompt for reflection upon therapeutic work. It can help to ...


Things To Do List

The Things To Do List is a form of activity record. It encourages the client to think about the priority of each item and to record (and celebrate!) c ...


Thought Challenging Record 7 Column

The thought record is an essential tool in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Thought challenging records help people to evaluate their negative auto ...


Unhelpful Thinking Styles

Human thinking is subject to a number of characteristic biases. Cognitive restructuring is the process of helping individuals to overcome their biases ...

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Overcoming procrastination

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