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Free Compassion Audio Tracks and 20% Discount

Try 2 developing self-compassion tracks designed with leading CFT expert, Dr Chris Irons

You will receive:

  • What Is Compassion, Why Do I Need It, And How Might It Help Me? This introductory track conducts a broad exploration into how and why human beings suffer, what compassion is, and its roots in the human motive of caregiving. It introduces Compassion Focused Therapy, from which this Compassionate Mind Training program is drawn.
  • Voice Tone exercise. For many people, their inner voice has a harsh and critical tone, but training to adopt behaviors that we associate with compassion and kindness can increase our ability to self-soothe. This exercise guides the listener through the process of experimenting with their tone of voice, and reflecting on how they feel when these phrases are delivered in different tones of voice.
  • A 20% discount code off your first year’s membership sent to your email inbox. To access the full audio collection, you will need an active Advanced or Complete membership plan.